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Serving Our Community

Helping Hands



For information on our volunteering ministries within our Parish including a brief description of the roles & duties, please click here to download.

For further details on ministries, please contact the Parish Office.

Serving our Parish Community & Beyond 

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My name is Pat and I have been a volunteer with the St Vincent de Paul Society for approximately 6 years. 

I was very raw at the beginning, but with the support and example of caring and

experienced volunteers, I progressed. There are families on the Peninsula, living amongst us, who are really struggling.

We see the face of the poor, and it touches us. As an individual I can do little, but as a member of Vinnies, we have the structure to help them and that is why I continue to be involved. 

My name is Frank and twenty-eight years ago, at a former parish, I heard about the St Vincent De Paul Society and how highly regarded the volunteers were in the community.

I decided that I would go to a meeting to find out what they were about. I was warmly welcomed, and the ethos and values of the society were explained to me. That is, how we are to treat anyone in need with service, care, and compassion; to listen attentively to their story and help with their immediate needs as well as budgetary guidance when requested.

In 1997 I became a founding member of a new conference. I moved to South Australia in 2019 and joined the local Lefevre conference. I found the poor, disadvantaged, and those in financial difficulty here as well, so the need for the work of the Society is widespread and continuous.


As members of Vinnies, we strive to help as best we can by listening, assisting and just being there for people to turn to when things get tough. 

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