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Information & Guidelines

(as per SA Government & Adelaide Archdiocese guidelines and recommendations) 

Please remember:

  • Do not enter our Churches, Parish Office or Parish Meeting Rooms if you are unwell.

  • Where possible, please keep to physically distancing yourself from others not in your group whilst you are gathered indoors.

  • Regularly wash or sanitise your hands.

QR Codes & Signing-In: No longer required


No longer mandatory, but we strongly recommend you continue to wear a mask in our Churches.


Churches and our indoor spaces have now returned to full capacity.

Regarding physical distancing:

It is recommended to maintain the physical distancing principle of at least 1.5 metres separation which includes:-

  • Between groups within each room;

  • At entry and exit points;

This does not apply to those who attend as a group, such as members of the same household, family or people who otherwise regularly associate with each other.

Implementing these physical distancing recommendations contained in our Covid plan is advisable, however, there is no specific requirement to implement them.

Therefore, all pews in our Churches are now available for seating.

Holy Water:

Our Archbishop has advised us that we can resume using our holy water fonts in our Churches. These will be filled with water from the Easter blessing, and then replenished throughout the year as needed from the waters blessed at baptism. Holy water is also available from the containers in the northern porch of Sacred Heart Church, and the porch at Our Lady of the Visitation Church.


Holy Communion on the Tongue:

Our Archbishop has advised us that we can resume the distribution of Holy Communion on the tongue for those who require it. This will commence from  Sunday 16th April. Please position your tongue so that the priest does not have to touch your tongue or lips.

Social Gatherings:

Our Morning Teas and Parish Lunches have recommenced – please see information under Our Community Groups – Morning Teas and Parish Social Club and also in our Parish Bulletins.


Further Information:

If you require further information, you can call the

SA COVI D-19 Information Line on 1800 253 787 between the hours of 9am to 5pm (7 days per week) or visit the

SA Health website at or


Thank you very much for your continued co-operation.

[Fr Roderick & Carolyn]

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