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Bus Trip; Haighs & Goodwood Hotel

Parishioners from Ladies Flying Solo, the Rosary group & the Liturgy Committee enjoyed a wonderful trip to

Haigh’s Chocolates, complete with a very informative guided tour of the working factory.

Highly rated by every-one were the yummy free chocolate samples and the challenge of deciding which chocolates to purchase for family & friends. A great lunch was also had at the Goodwood Hotel with much chatter and laughter.


Our bus trips are one way of saying “thank you” to our many volunteers in our Parish for what they do, every day and every year so unselfishly. We thank the Port Adelaide & Enfield Council for the bus service and the volunteer drivers.


If you are a volunteer and would like to know more about these bus trips

please contact Carolyn in the Parish office or Gael Little.


Thanks to all who came on the Haigh’s adventure, we had a great time. [Carolyn & Gael] 

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