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Visiting Our Sick

Caring for the sick is not an optional extra for Catholic people, it is an integral part of the life of our Church, drawing on the example of Jesus himself. And, as with other practical expressions of our faith, such care cannot be intrusive or manipulative. It must be based on trust. All parishioners are invited to develop relationships of trust with their neighbours and fellow parishioners, and then gently visit to those who are sick. Perhaps some parishioners will be particularly adept at this work of mercy.

Parishioners who visit the sick should familiarise themselves with the government and local instructions during the Coronavirus pandemic.

As a parish community, we are attentive to the needs of the sick.

For the Sick in Major Hospitals:

Our Church community maintains a team of lay chaplains and pastoral support workers in our major hospitals, including the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Please advise the medical or nursing staff if you would like to receive a visit.

For the Sick in St Margaret’s Hospital, Semaphore South:

The hospital does not notify our parish when there are Catholic patients. Please notify the medical or nursing staff if you would like a visit, or telephone the parish direct.

For the Sick in Nursing Homes:

There are four nursing homes (aged care facilities) in the Lefevre Catholic Community -

  • The Philip Kennedy Centre in Largs Bay has a priest-chaplain, Fr Kevin Horsell. Please notify the staff if you would like a visit.

  • Wesley House Aged Care in Semaphore Park has a Uniting Church chaplain, but we also visit regularly. Please advise the activities co-ordinator, Wendy McDermott, if you would like a visit.

  • Marten Aged Care (Allity) in Largs North also has regular visits. Please advise the activities co-ordinator, Collette Crooks, if you would like a visit.

  • We do not regularly visit the Semaphore Residential Care in Semaphore, but we can visit for end-of-life care.


For the Sick at Home:

Please contact our parish office for a visit.

Parish Visiting Team.
We have a team of Pastoral Visitors from our Catholic community. The work of this team is

currently limited, because of the Coronavirus.

If you would like to join the team, please discuss this with Fr Roderick. The team members are trained and need to comply with regulations relating to Police Checks. Some are mandated as Special Ministers of the Blessed Eucharist.

Parishioners are specially invited to participate in the celebration of World Day of the Sick on 11th February each year (the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes).

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